"May the Circle be open, but unbroken."
The "Mystery School" Student Pagan Alliance
Member and site owner: Niki LeBoeuf-Little

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Rather than have one main club page maintained by one Grand High Poo-Bah who may or may not be a good representative of the rest of us, our gently anarchistic group offers a sort of portrait of each member's point of view via the EB RING.

However, this ring is NOT a free-for-all. We've had problems before with members who thought it was. Because of the SPA's status as a STUDENT CLUB, we have to be very careful about how we represent our school. A SPA Web Ring Page must be...

Just because you're a member doesn't mean your page is appropriate to the ring! A previous member's page had to be removed because it had nothing to do with the club at all. It was a very nice page, including a rather touching shrine to the member's boyfriend and several useful links for the gay community, but it had nothing to do with the Student Pagan Alliance except by virtue of his being a member.

Offensive material is a tough thing to judge. Pagans are pretty controversial to begin with; we tend towards tolerance for all sorts of activity a righteous, upstanding public school would wince at. I'm not suggesting we misrepresent ourselves -- just don't push the line. Linking to gay Pagan resources or articles about religious drug use is fine; off-topic pages or sites promoting illegal activity are not.

As Ring Mistress, I get to make the final call on whether you're pushing it too far. If you have a question about these guidelines and what sort of content is appropriate, ask me or a club officer.


After deciding to add your site, fill out the following form. (Note: Read ALL the instructions FIRST! Forms get wiggy if you hit "back" a lot. Read this page from top to bottom, just like you would a recipe for your favorite bannocks, and only THEN should you page back up and get your hands messy.)

Submit site to the Student Pagan Alliance at RCC webring
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After filling out the blanks and hitting "submit", you'll be sent to a page that has the navigational HTML fragment in it. Copy the fragment and paste it at the TOP of your document. Folks surfing through the ring should be able to find that fragment right off, rather than having to look in the basement inside a locked cabinet where the stairs don't work.

Please also save a copy of the image file "tarot.gif" to your own directory:

  This is the tarot.gif file (tools of the trade?).

I used the woolbats font to create the tarot.gif. Feel free to tinker with it, and the look of the html fragment, to suit your tastes and the general coherence of your web page. Just try to keep it recognizable, 'kay?

NOTE: As the club is awaiting rechartering this, the third year of its existence, we are not at this time permitted to associate ourselves with [MYSTERY SCHOOL]. If you currently have a copy of [MYSTERY SCHOOL]'s logo, PLEASE do not display it at this time.

If you're already in the ring, use this form to edit your site info.

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That's all! Blessed be.

Last updated December 1, 1999
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