[***] Student Pagan Alliance:
Club Constitution

Article I. Name

The club will be named the [*****] [*********] [*******] Student Pagan Alliance ([***])SPA. [Correct name will be restored when we are re-chartered. --NJLL]

Article II. Purpose

To provide a sense of community for students of alternate spiritualities; to study and preserve non-mainstream traditions and cultures; to alleviate misconceptions on campus and in the community regarding our faiths; to facilitate intercampus connections with similar student organizations.

Article III. Membership

Membership shall be open to any [***] student, administrator, faculty member, classified staff member, or any other community member regardless of Race, Color, Religion, Sex, National Origin, Age, Disability, or Sexual Orientation, with the expectation of mutual respect and appreciation for fellow members of the club and the community.

Article IV. Officers

          Section 1.0

Officers shall consist of Figurehead, Scribe, and Dragon.

          Section 1.1

Duties of the Figurehead will be to attend and coordinate meetings and to manage the club e-mail list.

          Section 1.2

Duties of the Scribe will be attend to all business meetings, to keep records as needed and to maintain communication with the AS[***].

          Section 1.3

Duties of the Dragon will be to manage the budget, guard the gold and to attend and keep order at meetings as needed.

          Section 2.0

Duties and titles of various officers are neither fixed, exclusive, nor exhaustive. They will become more defined as circumstances dictate.

Article V. Meetings

          Section 1.0

There will be two classes of club meetings: business, and open.

          Section 1.1

Business meetings will be held bi-weekly at times appointed by the officers for the purpose of discussing club activities and functions.

          Section 1.2

Open Meetings will be held several times a quarter for the purpose of education and shared knowledge. Members will give talks on various relevant subjects. All community members are invited to participate.

          Section 2.0

It has been suggested that meetings should be run according to 'Robert's Rules of Order', within reason and when necessary.

Article VI. Abandonment

If this club is inactive for two consecutive terms the remaining funds should be returned to the Student Activities Budget directed by the AS[***] Executive Council.

Article VII. Amendments

An amendment may be initiated by any member of the club, approved by the officers, and confirmed by a simple majority of members present during the business meeting. Amendments must then be approved by the AS[***] Executive Council.

Last updated December 1, 1999
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