The Student Pagan Alliance at [MYSTERY SCHOOL] was founded in January of 1998 "to provide a sense of community for students of alternate spiritualities; to study and preserve non-mainstream traditions and cultures; to alleviate misconceptions on campus and in the community regarding our faiths; to facilitate intercampus connections with similar student organizations."*

1999-2000 Officers:
Figurehead: Teresa VonMelker
Scribe: Jenny Williams
Dragon: Dana Smith

Meetings: [TBA]

Club Constitution
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The Grove Index of Pagans On Campus

ACTIVITIES - 1999/2000 School Year ... [TBA]

SPA is having some small troubles getting chartered this year, due to problems caused by a couple of members, one who took it upon himself to act as our representative in an inappropriate letter to Some Business Or Other, and one whose page in the web ring had nothing to do with the club but did have links that eventually led to a child porn site. Also, this Web Mistress was unaware of certain Rules regarding club web pages, and as a result did not follow them. These are Bad Things, and we have took steps to Make Sure They Don't Happen Again. But in the meantime... since we're not quite yet rechartered, we had to take down all mention of [MYSTERY SCHOOL] until the privilege of using their name is granted to us again.

Bear with us. Things will be righted shortly.

Meantime, in case you needed telling, this disclaimer: "No opinions expressed here by a club member, nor on unaffiliated web sites you may find by clicking links, should be considered representative of [the school with which the club is affiliated] or the [***] Student Pagan Alliance itself. Opinions belong to and represent solely the being which utters them."

TIMES GONE BY - 1997/1998 School Year

April 21, 1999: Earth Day

        Many organizations were represented in discussions of all sorts of environmental issues: Headwaters, Native American Nurturing Association, Native American Student Association, and more. Flowers were given away (free stuff is always a hit), and the then Scribe (yours truly) ended up MCing the whole shebang.

Also, in honor of Earth Day, the Student Pagan Alliance finally made the commitment to Adopt milepoints 5 through 7 of Highway 199 in Grants Pass. For the next two years, members of the SPA club will be picking up litter intermittently and helping make your Oregon Driving Experience a pleasant one. Our sign went up in October, but if you miss it, you'll know us by the big pentagrams scrawled in permanent black ink on the back of our orange safety vests.

February 28, 1999: Psychic Fair

        Astrology, Tarot, Yes/No cards, and more! Completely Professional And Uttery Free.

January 20, 1999: Publicity

        This humble Webmistress was contacted by "PJ" of the Illinois Valley News, who was writing stories about two clubs at RCC -- our club, and the UnClub (Christian Club). I have copies if you want a xerox! They were a very nice run with very few inaccuracies.

1998 - 1999 School Year:

        We turned into a sort of movie club, watching films in Fall Quarter about our various faiths, films in Winter about divination, and in Spring Quarter we examined Paganism's portrayal in the media.

Wednesday, April 22, 1998: Earth Day

        Joy and Art Cathcart led a discussion about living more responsibly on, and in cooperation with, our planet. Discussion featured special guest from Headwaters. Free for the taking were the usual batch of informative flyers, bags o' birdseed, and bunches of decorative plants. Beautify your home -- the Earth!

Monday, March 30, 1998: Steppin' Out at the ASRCC Cook-Out

        We celebrated the Spring Equinox, not to mention the first day of Spring Quarter, with the rest of RCC. Nothing fancy - we spread out a blanket and made ourselves visible, doing our part to welcome the students. The RCC SPA mascot made her first appearance.

Thursday, March 12 and Monday, March 16, 1998: Spring Quarter Registration

        It's a sort of tradition at RCC that the student government and clubs on campus put in a presence at the registration lines near Wiseman Bldg. Representatives of the Student Pagan Alliance sat between those of the Un-Club (a Christian fellowship) and the Native American Students' Association; conversation was entertaining, educational, and - a pleasant surprise - nonconfrontational.

Monday, February 23, 1998: A Visit With Dorothy West

        Ashland's most prominent witch spent the morning with us, talking about all manner of Crafty subjects over coffee and cake.

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